Russian Children Studio of Language, Arts, and Culture
Russian Children Studio is an educational center for children 2-18 years old on the Upper West Side cultivating Russian language, arts, and culture
slogan in russian? - наша задача помочь русскоязычным семьям обучить ребенка русскому языку и сохранить его. умение правильно говорить, любить чтение
5-6 слов слоган нашего бизнеса
Welcome to Russian Children Studio of Language, Arts and Culture located on the Upper West Side, New York. Our mission is to inspire children to achieve literacy and most importantly fall in love with Russian language and culture.

Founded almost a decade ago by Maria Bernshteyn in collaboration with Alla Kovgan, our Studio is a 501c3 non-profit organization, which consists of daycare for children 2-3 years old, afternoon enrichment programs for children 3-18 years old, publishing house, and cultural events.
Our Team
  • Alla Kovgan
    The RSC co-founder, The President of the Board of Directors
    The RSC co-founder, The President of the Board of Directors. An award-winning filmmaker with several degrees: BA in Linguistics and Information Science, MFA in Film and MEd in Instructional Design.

  • Maria Bernshteyn
    The RCS Founder, The Head of Afterschool Program
    The RCS Founder, The Head of Afterschool Program. PhD in Russian as a Foreign Language
    Focus: Russian language, Russian literature, Early childhood development, Speech development, Theatre

  • Maria Dudnik
    Head of Early Childhood Program
    The Head of Early Childhood Program
    Masters in Education (completing)
    Focus: Logic, Math, Russian language, Speech and Vocabulary Development, World Around Us.
  • Maria Filatova
    Group Teacher
    Bachelor in Primary Education
    Focus: Speech Development, Russian language, World Around Us, Arts and Crafts.
  • Maria
    MA in Sociology, Early Music Development, Founder of the
  • Anna Loza-Julien
    MS in Economics, MS in Carbon Management, PMP Certified.
Located on the premises of the St. Michael’s Church – a NYC architectural landmark – on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Russian Children Studio is just a few minutes away from the 96th street train 1/2/3 station and crosstown bus.
FAQ and Contact
We are happy to answer your questions
by phone: +1 (917) 409-2888
or by e-mail:
  • Question:
    My child was never exposed to Russian. Can they attend the MOLOKO daycare?
    Yes, all children are welcome to enroll.
  • Question:
    Is there a minimum number of days per week that the child is required to attend?
    Yes. To fully benefit from an immersive learning environment, a child needs to attend our program as many hours per week as possible. The minimum number of enrollment days will depend on the child's Russian language proficiency, assessed during the evaluation meeting prior to the enrollment. Non-native Russian speakers should attend the program no less than 4 days per week.
  • Question:
    My child only speaks English. Will the teachers help my child understand the instructions?
    Yes, the teachers will make everything possible to ensure the child’s comfort. All our teachers are bi- or tri-lingual.
  • Question:
    My child has never attended a daycare and is very attached to parents. How will you handle the separation anxiety?
    We will work out an individual approach for each family and each child to take care of the separation anxiety.
  • Question
    Do you require mandatory vaccination?
    Yes, all children must comply with the NYC DOH School Admission Immunization requirements.
  • Question:
    How do you provide safety for the children?
    We follow all required safety measures, including locked/guarded entrance doors, window guards, fire exits and escape routes, water and paint lead testing, child proofed cabinets, furniture, surfaces, and objects, etc.
  • Question:
    What about potty-training?
    It is not required for a child to be potty-trained. Every child is encouraged to use the toilet during the bathroom break. Based on our experience, the vast majority of our students are capable of using the toilet by the end of the first semester. Others take longer. There is no stress or pressure and we work with each child individually.
  • Question:
    Are there other activities or classes for older children in the Studio?
    Oh, yes! We have a wonderful Afternoon Enrichment Program (AEP) for children 3-17 y.o. You can learn about it here.
  • Question:
    I am interested in the program MOLOKO. Where do I start?
    Please fill out the Contact Form below.
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What our parents say
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