A full-time Russian language Immersion Daycare for 2-3 yo children on the Upper West Side of Manhattan
Russian Children Studio of Language, Arts and Culture announces MOLOKO – NEW Russian Language Immersion Daycare!
Curriculum & Approach
Our educational approach is play-based, including both structured enrichment activities and free play. We create an environment that stimulates creativity and nurtures a sense of community for all interested families.

The curriculum focuses on 7 child development areas, each with its clearly-defined goals and step-by-step program, ensuring that children have time to enjoy their childhood as much as possible and, at the same time, acquire, practice and master specific skills.
Social and Emotional Development skills:
  • independence and adaptability
  • sharing and respect for one another
  • spatial awareness
  • self-care
  • empathy
  • understanding boundaries
  • conflict resolution
The curriculum also suggests a gentle separation process during the first several weeks the child begins attending the program.
Language and Speech Development skills:
  • verbal comprehension
  • speech development
  • diction, pronunciation and articulation
  • vocabulary building
  • communication in full, grammatically correct, sentences
  • poems, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, patterns recital and recognition
  • the alphabet learning
Early Logic Development skills:
  • colors and geometric figures recognition
  • sorting and organizing
  • puzzles solving
  • logic and critical thinking
  • spacious cognition
  • counting to 10
The World Around Us
erudition and orientation skills:
  • wild and domestic animals
  • seasons
  • plants and insects
  • transport
  • history of New York City
  • countries and continents
Music and Rhythmics skills:
  • dancing and singing
  • music games
  • rhythmics
  • baby orchestra with various music instruments
Arts and Crafts
imagination and small motor skills:
  • painting, drawing, collaging
  • crafts (lacing, sewing, gluing, etc.)
  • molding
  • sculpting with clay
  • modeling with various materials
  • art materials exploration.
Tiny Theatre
Combination of all skills
  • staging short plays and fairy tales
  • role playing
  • designing sets for plays
  • creating shadow, puppet and toy plays
  • staging the end-of-the year shows in the winter and in the summer ("utrenniki")
Flexible days of enrollment and three different dismissal periods allow parents to work out the most convenient schedule and logistics for their family.
Tuition Fees
— 2 times a week - $9,912 annually
— 3 times a week - $13,951 annually
— 4 times a week - $17,204 annually
— 5 times a week - $19,976 annually
extended day
— 2 times a week - $15,665 annually
— 3 times a week - $20,693 annually
— 4 times a week - $25,663 annually
— 5 times a week - $29,761 annually
Space and Location
Our children enjoy well-designed spacious rooms with 13-feet ceilings and large windows that give plenty of light. We also have our own playground in a quiet yard, away from noise and cars.

Located on the premises of the St. Michael’s Church –  the NYC architectural landmark – on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Russian Children Studio is just a few minutes away from the West 96 train 1/2/3 station and crosstown bus.
  • Question:
    My child was never exposed to Russian. Can they attend the MOLOKO daycare?
    Yes, all children are welcome to enroll.
  • Question:
    Is there a minimum number of days per week that the child is required to attend?
    Yes. To fully benefit from an immersive learning environment, a child needs to attend our program as many hours per week as possible. The minimum number of enrollment days will depend on the child's Russian language proficiency, assessed during the evaluation meeting prior to the enrollment. Non-native Russian speakers should attend the program no less than 4 days per week.
  • Question:
    My child only speaks English. Will the teachers help my child understand the instructions?
    Yes, the teachers will make everything possible to ensure the child’s comfort. All our teachers are bi- or tri-lingual.
  • Question:
    My child has never attended a daycare and is very attached to parents. How will you handle the separation anxiety?
    We will work out an individual approach for each family and each child to take care of the separation anxiety.
  • Question
    Do you require mandatory vaccination?
    Yes, all children must comply with the NYC DOH School Admission Immunization requirements.
  • Question:
    How do you provide safety for the children?
    We follow all required safety measures, including locked/guarded entrance doors, window guards, fire exits and escape routes, water and paint lead testing, child proofed cabinets, furniture, surfaces, and objects, etc.
  • Question:
    What about potty-training?
    It is not required for a child to be potty-trained. Every child is encouraged to use the toilet during the bathroom break. Based on our experience, the vast majority of our students are capable of using the toilet by the end of the first semester. Others take longer. There is no stress or pressure and we work with each child individually.
  • Question:
    Does Daycare provide meals for the children?
    All meals and snacks are provided by the parents.
  • Question:
    Are there other activities or classes for older children in the Studio?
    Oh, yes! We have a wonderful Afternoon Enrichment Program (AEP) for children 3-17 y.o. You can learn about it here.
  • Question:
    I am interested in the program MOLOKO. Where do I start?
    Please fill out the Contact Form below.
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More about Russian Children Studio and its Programs
Afternoon Enrichment Program (AEP) offers classes to children ages 3-19 y/o. Subjects include Russian, Literature, Theater, The World Around Us, Logic and Math, Film.
Our team are all bilingual native Russian-language speakers of various ethnic backgrounds. And our 15-year long curriculum is designed specifically for bilingual children. To support the curriculum, RCS established the Publishing House that releases age-specific beautifully illustrated books with educational materials, assembled by the team of the RCS educators and designed/edited by Ilya Bernsteyn, an independent publisher and a winner of a prestigious Samuil Marshak's award in children literature.
The highlight and inseparable part of the curriculum for every age group is our Theatre pogram, which engages children emotionally and creatively and brings joy to our entire community. We are very fortunate to have a 150-seat theatre right at the Studio. Twice a year, children stage and participate in performances on a professionally equipped stage, and all the parents are invited to attend.
Several times per year, Russian Children Studio stages holiday performances such as “YOLKA” and “MASLENITSA”  and hosts various Russian-language book presentations, music concerts, art showings and conferences. Inspirations flow, friendships strengthen, shared experiences bring the community together!
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